Quality Coaching for High Tech Startups by Dr. Octavian Schatz
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  • How I Work

    Assisting hightech startups from their earliest stages until profitability and beyond is both my job and my passion. As a coach and interim manager for the startup projects I am serving, I pass on my experience as a serial entrepreneur to founders in my field of expertise. Read on to see how I work.

  • Services

    There are many things to do for a startup entrepreneur, so that it’s sometimes hard to maintain the overview. I can help you to prioritize these tasks and give you guidance how to successfully execute them.

  • News & Tips

    As kind of a „First Aid Kit“ I have compiled some useful tips and tricks that summarize the basics of writing a business plan, giving a presentation or developing a corporate vision. These general infos may seem trivial but have been instrumental in raising double digit million EUR funding capital for my companies.

  • About

    To get a glimpse of what I have been doing for a living so far, you can have a look at my cv and my other credentials on the following pages.


The first step in turning novel ideas or technologies into economic success is to conceive products or services that customers will eventually buy. Startup-Organizer will help you to do this.


The second step is to optimize the basic concept by taking into account what the prospective customers need, how the markets will develop and what has to be done to stay ahead of the competition.


The third step is to develop a strategy how to sell your product(s) and/or service(s). In order to kindle the interest of potential investors, this should be condensed into a convincing business plan.


The fourth step is to find ways to generate the maximum value from your project, be it prize money in a business plan contest, funding by startup grants or a VC round or, structuring the exit of your company.

The best way to predict the future is to create it. – Peter Drucker