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Your Personal Startup Checklist

  • Have you written down your idea(s) in a form that is comprehensible to laymen?
  • Have you got as much feedback from relatives, friends and colleagues as you can?
  • Have you defined your goals and priorities? (If you want to start up a company, there are a thousand things to do…)
  • Have you found the right coach(es)?
  • Do you have a committed team around you and have individual tasks and stakes been defined?
  • Did you analyze your freedom-to-operate and legal restrictions (if any)?
  • Have you decided on an IP strategy?
  • Have you carved out the most important USPs of your product/service?
  • Have you identified your customers and their needs and have you tried to get quantitative feedback (or even better, LOIs)?
  • Have you asked for help from tech transfer offices, public grant institutions, and the like? (helps to identify available options)
  • Have you assembled a business plan for your project?
  • Have you validated your BP in one or more contests?

Happy starting up. Yours sincerely,

Octavian Schatz

Bild: ©iStockphoto.com / Kalawin Jongpo

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